Reading is the singlemost important component of my class. If you read regularly and thoughtfully, you'll have a powerful tool for success--both in school and out. But I think the best reason to read is that it's so enjoyable.

Not sure what to read next?

Visit my classroom library. I have a great collection of books I chose especially for you, and I'm happy to make suggestions. Tell me some books you've enjoyed, and I'll recommend something. You may borrow one book at a time. Lost books must be replaced or paid for.

Visit our school library or your local library. The young adult librarians are very knowledgeable, and will help you chose a book that's right for you.

Look for suggestions online. There's a plethora* of teen reading lists on the Web. Here's my own select list of the sites I think are most teen-friendly, smart and easy-to-navigate:

*plethora: A noun from the Greek word, plethore (to feel full). Plethora means the state of being too full,; overabundance; excess.

Happy reading!

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